Since you’re on our site, you probably know what a Gasser is. In case you don’t, a Gasser is a type of hot rod that was prevalent on the drag strips of the U.S. a few decades ago. The official “Gasser Era” was 1959-1972. Most Gassers were based on production cars from the ’30s through the ’60s, stripped of extra weight and modified with a solid front axle and jacked-up front end for better weight transfer and improved traction. Shorter wheelbases were preferable due to lower weights. Other weight-reduction techniques included fiberglass body panels, stripped interiors, bumper removal and plexiglass windows. A modified engine was a must-have, along with fenderwell headers and piecrust slicks. The goal was always more speed and faster elapsed times at the drags. The Gasser name arose because these cars were raced in a “gasoline driven” class, as opposed to using racing fuels.

Certain cars were well-suited to being modified into Gassers. These included: Willys, Anglias, Henry J’s, Austins, Chevrolets, Fords and many others.
In the early ’70s, other drag racing classes overshadowed the Gasser class and Gassers were seen less frequently. However, with nostalgia drag racing now gaining in popularity, we are pleased to see Gassers on drag strips once again!

We are Gasser enthusiasts. We were around drag strips in the 1960s & 1970s and we saw plenty of awesome Gassers. We’ll help you recapture your “back in the day” memories with our innovative Gasser recreations. Our models are cast polyresin (not diecast) and approx. 1:18 scale (8-10″ long). These are static models (no moving parts) and each is fully assembled. Our Gassers are great display pieces for your home, garage or business. They’re also ideal gifts for “car guys”!

We also have nostalgic “water slide” decals, just like the kind everyone had in the 1960s. You cut out the decal, immerse it in water and slide it onto your model. This results in a customized Gasser, complete with period-correct decals! Gasser Models was established in 2011. Originally located outside Philadelphia, we moved to Berlin, MD a few years ago. We ship our models anywhere. Our “company car” used to be a black ’55 Chevy Gasser (see photo on FAQ page) but that baby was sold a few years ago (long story). Thanks for your interest in our products.