Do you have a catalog? We do not have a catalog but click here for a 2-page color flyer showing all of our Gassers.

How authentic are your Gassers? Lots of research went into our models. We did our best to include many features found on real gassers.

What scale are your models? Our gassers are 1:18 scale. Most are 8-10” long.

Are these diecast models? Our models are not diecast. Our specialty is polyresin models. Production is less costly than diecasting but our mold-making, polishing and painting processes are still time-consuming. Diecast Gassers are also hard to find and typically priced 5-10 times more than our cast resin Gassers.

Are these toys? No, they are specialty, collectible, limited edition models for car enthusiasts (no more are being made).

Will you make a custom Gasser? We have been asked many times to make other Gassers (’57 Chevy, Austin, Falcon, etc.) and though Gasser versions of these cars are very cool, sorry but we’ve decided to not produce any new gassers.

What about shipping? Shipping is FREE to continental U.S. addresses. We’ll also ship elsewhere. Please contact us with your address and we’ll provide a shipping quote, based on your tentative order and location.